Deck Studies But Not Quite Reviews

I have updated my Deck Reviews page with some additional links to some odd studies of both decks and individual cards. I had so many of these I felt they were getting lost so I have gathered links to them in one spot.

Most of these were inspired visually by artwork that reminded me of other artwork when I received a new deck, or they are just me enjoying my usual ramble through art and words and concepts.

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2 Comments on “Deck Studies But Not Quite Reviews”

  1. It’s good to have these altogether. These are one of the things you do which I love to see on here. You have a great memory for cards in decks. Such great studies.

    • woley Says:

      Thanks. I never force them, I just do them when I feel like it, and that way they stay fun and “in the moment.”

      I have a great memory for art because it makes life worth living!

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