Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot Review Completed

Well, finally after two years.


It’s long but you can meander as you will. I know I did (the understatement of the year.)

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2 Comments on “Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot Review Completed”

  1. mooninfog Says:

    Wow. Quite a set of projects. No wonder it took some time. I love your beads especially.

    Leis i like best are just flowers. The ones meant to keep–that dry without rotting, or are made of eyelash yarn etc.–end up as funky dust collectors. I like them better as sweet ephemera.

    They sell them in the fridge section of the groceries and mini marts, in plastic sandwich boxes LOL

    • woley Says:

      Thanks Debra. I am not going anywhere to wear the necklace but I am going to put the earrings on today. Just so all the pets know it’s me, JJ.

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