Into the Boat With Chart in Hand

Daily Draw February 20th, 2012

I have just ordered two biographies from the library, one on Cole Porter, and one on Jane Digby. I am looking forward to those two if they can get them.

I did about three hours of work yesterday, both writing and art-related on this review I am finally wrapping up after two years. I was up early this morning drawing one element that I finished, and then bogged down on shading something else, so quit and did my stint on the little dollhouse sized rug I’ve been working on since October 2009. I can only do so much per day so I don’t hurt my arm and hand, but both will be finished this week hopefully.

So it’s a week of finishing stuff. That really gives me a lift. Nothing creates more anxiety and depression than having dozens of unfinished bits of art and sewing. After this I hope to finish up some bead embroidered necklaces I have been working on for years too.

One inch, one daily stint at a time.

Today I am using the New Age Tarot because the artwork reminds me of the high key illustration I am working on. A friend sent this deck to me years ago, and I liked it from the first just because it was so different, so unreadable according to others. My kind of thing.


Everybody into the boat! This is my card to beware of wishful thinking and get down to work. Got it: stay focused Jude, we know you can do it, steer that boat and consult your navigational chart.

A friend of mine was telling me that he writes down what he wants to do the next day. I do that, and I also prepare whatever project I am working on for the next day so that I can just pick it up and go. I find this really helps with procrastination and my tendency to drift off into daydreaming.

And Justice, with her bare feet firmly grounded, is telling me to stay balanced. Do not overdo but get the thing done finally. She is so steady on those feet.


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