Tune it In, the Blob on the Wall

Daily Draw February 18th, 2012

Templar Tarot again today, and I rarely ask specific questions but today I need to get a piece of art done and I want to know about why I can’t just sit down and get the thing done.



She remembers the day the cup was passed to her in the garden, the gift, the blessing, the shared moment and the riotous colour in her heart for days ahead. Two years ago I made a promise, I remember the feeling, the gift, the light and colour.

Is she now praying or despairing? She has her cornucopia of art supplies and the special token, but the cross is pointing away from her and she is losing faith, hoping inspiration will waft out of that cup.

I think that she could also be having a quiet meditative moment in her sanctuary before taking up her brush and pencils. I got a card like that a couple days ago—this idea of closing your eyes and tuning in is much like what I do before a reading. Well, if I do it I can do a decent reading and if I don’t sit quietly with my eyes closed and attention on my breath I don’t do good readings.

I am getting the nudge that the same method applies to creating art. So I need to let go, meditate and then start working on this illustration.

One of the things I like about the Ace, is that crimson-pink blush in the left corner of the background. It is almost as if the magic colour is drifting toward her, illuminated, like the holy spirit of the wall of thought. As the white light of heaven beams into her head and mind, there is the glow of something special warming up the room behind her.




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