The Magus Dances Under Big Sky

Daily Draw February 17th, 2012

Hurtling through time and space, we arrive at the 17th to visit the Templars at Acre.

MAGICIAN (The Troubadour)


Showdown at Big Sky as the horned one tussles with a winged one over a coin. The magus is dancing with her cobra, dreaming she is Shiva. I never noticed the figure with the amputated arms before. Beside that could be John the Baptist or perhaps St. Jerome since he is holding a bible. You could probably sink into this card for some days.

The fuchsia sky matches the lotus in the hand of the Magician, but I am armless upon finding my embroidery hoop since I find I cannot hold it for long as my tendinitis has flared up again. The magus wears her shroud costume, lamenting the loss of energy in the crowd.

It’s a waiting game, a slow dance, a tug of war. We are prostate among the skulls, the blue sky looking enticing behind the tangle of tree limbs. Limbs, limbo.



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