For Laura from the Runes of Elfland

Daily Draw February 16th, 2012

I strolled into the room with the newly organized tarot decks and found a book called The Runes of Elfland by Brian Froud and Ari Berk. I bought the book when I was on the hunt for rune cards. I couldn’t find a copy of the Haindl Rune Oracle for my collection so I bought this book and scanned in every illustration and printed them into a personal deck of cards.

On my old computer, the monitor was bad, so these had a green tinge when I printed them. A tarot friend I was talking to at the time told me they were green but I printed them anyway because without a new monitor I had no way of adjusting them. When I took this book out it reminded me of that particular friend, Laura. So I picked a card and scanned it in and adjusted the colour and here it is.



I place my foot
upon the hollows of home
and remember
the girl who took back her name,
a fool who found the cup,
women who watch the wells,
strong sisters striding from the ruins.
All the folk of earth-fast stone,
their rising names
in winter tales retold,
are giants in the making.

Laura made me and a few others a gorgeous deck of cards with artwork by Georgia O’Keeffe on the cards. She went to a lot of trouble to fit a unique set of images for each person, and laminated and trimmed the cards. I found a hand carved wooden box in an antique shop for the cards and started to paint it with casein (another project I have yet to finish), and I also made a custom tuckbox for the deck from cardstock. It is a treasure.

Unfortunately, I let Laura go, telling her I didn’t want to talk to her several months after I lost my job. I told that to many people for some reason. I should have gone to Lake George in my mind for a visual vacation instead, but I was floundering around. It was nothing she did as she was a kindly, spiritual person who was nothing but supportive, but I was sick and every human was a cause of anxiety for me at that time.

I am not that person any more so I can’t remember. Why do humans do these things? I don’t know.

This rune has a story to it about an ungrateful king who pushes two giant sisters to work and work the millstone unceasingly without thanks or rest or kindness toward them. All he thought of was building wealth not being loving and hospitable. His thoughtlessness was his ruin, as they destroyed the mill and the king, his name a blank stone, a boneyard beneath the fallen hall.

The yew tree is associated with bones and graveyards and epitaphs according to the book, but it reminds me to bend like the yew and be flexible with people. I learned that eventually but not before I lost someone I respected. Giants are born in the telling of winter tales.

That too is part of my tarot collection.


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