Kraken Light

Daily Draw February 15th, 2012



These are such gorgeous cards, I’d forgotten how much I like them. The borders were done by Emma Garner and the illustrations by Jacqui Mair—this is an excellent Gillian Kemp deck that doesn’t get much notice.

I was feeling some despair last night and this morning. Anyway, this is a good message. The Kraken says “Your success and happiness lie within you,” and The Siren, bathed in light under the sea, plays her lyre and says “In the treasure of a day, light is thrown on what could be tomorrow.” Two cards of hope and ones I find heartening: the tide is turning, return to nature, The Kraken has spoken.

While revamping my sketchbooks I decided I needed some finer permanent pens so my husband is buying me a couple today along with a pencil set recommended by Lorena Moore on her blog, and a brush with a water reservoir.

After all these years I can resurrect the “field kits” that I sewed six years ago. I sewed two, one for dry media and one for wet, out of nice corduroy in moss green and medium grey colours. If I can just hang on until my feet can walk in the grass again, I can sit in a chair next to my favourite tree, with bare feet buried in grass, and draw tree bark, breaking out randomly to use pencils darker than 2B, perhaps swishing a bit of raw umber in with a watercolour pencil and my new water brush.


Your success and happiness lie within you.





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2 Responses to Kraken Light

  1. Those cards are lovely. Especially the Kraken. I think I remember seeing them before locally. I love Emma Garner’s work. I have a few of there decks, as you know.

    And the excitement of 2B pencils and creation. I bought some cheap, but good, pens yesterday and was colouring in like an 8 year old today, sitting on my bed. We’re not talking masterpiece here. Just entertainment without the pressure. Was fun. Maybe we’re bouncing back ….

  2. woley says:

    Yeah, no pressure, no pressure. That’s what I was thinking too.

    The store has a set of 4 Pro Art artist pens 0.8, 1, and 2 mm plus one brush pen all for the sale price of $5.95 so I’m going to try and get some for messing around. Just for fun, to try an relax. They may not last long but I can play with them.

    Your day sounds good!

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