The Mary-El Light of Inevitability

Daily Draw February 14th, 2012

For Valentine’s Day I put in my pre-order for the Mary-El Tarot after dropped the price. The last deck I ordered for Valentine’s was the Fey Tarot back in 2003. I circled it in the catalogue and had my husband phone the tarot store and place an order. How romantic is that?

Strangely, although the Mary-El is available from the publisher now and will be released by at the end of February, in Canada, is showing a publication date of April, so I have no idea when I will actually get the deck. Talk about confusing. I’m good at waiting.

I haven’t bought a tarot deck since last October, so it took a REALLY interesting deck to get me to move. I appreciate decks where an artist has painted or drawn the artwork themselves. I love that she’s done things differently and written different things, which is SO my kind of thing in a deck.

In celebration of Saint Valentine and lovely gifts that resonate years later, here is a card from the Fey Tarot. May the Mary-El be just as timeless and happy for me.



I like that they refer to the light of inevitability in her eyes. Yes, she’s made that decision about buying the Mary-El and her resolve is to lose herself totally in the experience. This card actually reminds me a bit of the Ace of Wands in the Mary-El.

Fierce with ideas and wings.


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