Manifold Continuation

Daily Draw February 13th, 2012

I drifted into my room and gravitated toward the cupboard this time and plucked a deck in a bag out. It is the lovely Hudes Tarot, which to my surprise was published way back in 1995. It really holds up and outlasts many newer decks. Apart from the gorgeous watercolour, she has used patterns like marbled paper for decoration which I love.

I have in one of my tarot binders that I used before I had this blog, a write-up for this particular Nine of Swords. Wow, November 3rd, 2003. I had a cold I was exhausted from work and working with people who fooled around and did e-mail and browsed the web instead of working. I paired it with a good poem by Wallace Stevens called The Place of the Solitaires.


But today is a different day, and today the despairing figure on the Nine of Swords is paired with the lady in the high-walled garden. Feel the heat of the day and the scent of the cedar shrubbery. Birds come to you and you feel grounded in nature. No need to despair, you are safe and those swords over your head are merely in your mind.

The Place of the Solitaires
by Wallace Stevens

Let the place of all the solitaires
Be a place of perpetual undulation.

Whether it be in mid-sea
On the dark, green water-wheel,
Or on the beaches,
There must be no cessation
Of motion, or of the noise of motion,
The renewal of noise
And manifold continuation;

And, most, of the motion of thought
And its restless iteration,

In the place of the solitaires,
Which is to be a place of perpetual undulation.




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