Bring it Back to the Mind

Daily Draw February 12th, 2012

Boy, did I have the night from hell. Excruciating pain and cramps all the way down from my hip, into my knee, and into the foot and ankle. My knee was popping and the whole leg seemed to be twisting in spasm. So I watched a bit of television at 5 a.m. and came across a guy on PBS talking about back pain. I looked up his book and came across another book which I have put on my wish list.

When I went back to bed I did some stretching and when I lay down and starting getting pain I decided a mind/body approach would be better than getting tenser and tenser. So I imagined the tendon and nerves being sheathed in ice and whenever I felt like things were inflamed and twisting, instead of panic I breathed calmly and envisioned soothing things like that and kept saying an affirmation in my mind about my legs being relaxed and comfortable. I fell asleep.

Today I am taking all my supplements and drinking lots of water and stretching regularly, walking around in proper shoes, and that sort of thing.



The High Priestess of the Mind/Body experience says rise up from the darkness into the light! The book talks about the circulation of nature which reminds me of my body’s circulation.

The perception of the subtlest of currents lends the ability to register influences that are just beneath the surface, and transform them into inner images.

I give the HP a wave as I rise up to stretch and walk a bit.



4 thoughts on “Bring it Back to the Mind

  1. This is such a beautiful deck.I have it too. Such a wonderful ‘Devil’.

    I have problems with weird nervy restlessness in my leg and find it hard to calm down when I get it. I like your thoughts, because I try to imagine a kind of massaging ball being rolled up and down them slowly. I feel it massaging and healing them as I try to relax.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    • I must try the massaging ball thing. Perhaps it could roll white light into the leg? I just tried to have a nap but no joy, I couldn’t settle the leg. However I felt better for just closing my eyes for an hour.

  2. Yes, that is exactly how I do it. I can visualise it going up and down and as it does, I can ‘feel’ it at every point. It was something my friend Josh and I looked at. Unfortunately, the exercise is stuck on the dead computer, but you probably don’t need to read it to have some success with it. We also looked at it is as a ball of light. I roll it around my whole body, over the tense and anxious areas, directed by just my mind as I lay on the bed. It does help. I get so anxious from the restless sensation that I often end up feeling 100 times worse, so the ball exercise can be helpful to me.

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