Touch the Light, Spilling Out Like Ripe Fruit

Daily Draw February 11th, 2012

I am up at 4 a.m. with leg cramps again. Oddest thing, so I took an aspirin and a calcium/magnesium vitamin. Just waiting for that to kick in and then I can sneak back to bed with my hot water bottle buddy.



I am back to using the Ananda Tarot today. Now that I can actually find it and its book on my shelf it was quite pleasant to pluck it out. This deck was published nine years ago and has been swamped by a wave of newer decks but I still like it with its mysterious orbs and landscapes.

I often get The Hermit and it is one of my personal cards. You are what you are. He looks very receptive in this card, dropping the cards to receive light directly from above. Oh, according to the book the light is coming from inside his heart.

I found the red rose and the Monstera deliciosa or Swiss cheese plant interesting. He doesn’t specify why he painted those in but they are both fruiting plants; we are familiar with rose hips but not so familiar with the fruit that the Monstera creates, which is edible, shaped like a corn cob, and tastes somewhat like pineapple according to online information. I like the thought of The Hermit creating fruit in a quiet, background kind of way.

The Queen of Cups is not a card I often get. Fish and unicorn and a glass of wine, queenie is floating with a bit of a red wine buzz, watching crystals forming within the sphere and generally tuning in to the watery emotional bubble surrounding her head, her eyes somewhere else.

Paired with The Hermit, it seems to be a day of inner clarity and meaning. I like this sentence from the book for this Queen: “The power of fantasy and compassion typify an introverted character.” Fantasy and creativity are things inside me I take for granted and I don’t often think of myself as compassionate but I suppose it lingers, floating about subconsciously.

Oh dear, I am back to unfinished artwork. I must grab that gouache today and make myself work while my husband is watching golf and hockey today. No wait, it is not about force but reception, so perhaps if I close my eyes and meditate beforehand, the fantasy will all spill out, like light from my heart.


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