Noddy Becomes Calm and Reads a Good Book

Daily Draw February 10th, 2012



This is from The Language of Letting Go cards by Melody Beattie, a deck I’ve always liked. It is one of those odd little decks that has cheery artwork and reflections that I like.

The palpable frenzy on this card is wonderful. Pushed around the clock and thinking about love, food, the phone ringing, reading and writing, the hands on the clock like arrows, this person needs to calm down.

I did the noddy thing in the chair at 6:30 p.m. last night and again at 8 o’clock. I was plain tired so put a hot water bottle in my bed, took the dogs out, and then listened to my relaxation CD and went to sleep at 9:30 p.m. I am up at 4 a.m. but at least I got a block of sleep and should be able to go back with a hot water bottle for an hour or so after this.

There is something very peaceful about falling asleep in a chair. I had some light jazz playing on the radio and a cheery light on and a cat in my lap. I was re-reading a helpful book and felt lovely and peaceful.

I got a good book from the library called Horses Never Lie About Love that I had on hold so I’m looking forward to reading that. I had recommended that the library buy several books on art journalling and creativity and they did buy three of them for the system, two of which I have borrowed to read. You can fire the librarian but you can’t take her collection development skills away!

Good things to look forward to today. I have been eating properly for two days which also calms me down quite a bit.




6 thoughts on “Noddy Becomes Calm and Reads a Good Book

    • Team hot water bottle! Mine is red. 🙂

      I love these cards. Similar to several decks by Chronicle books like the Perfect Calm deck and the Relax deck, and some Wayne Dyer and Don Miguel Ruiz decks–they all have quirky illustrations. My favourite form of art. The Hicks’s Law of Attraction decks are like this–I have 2 of them and traded a third. I sometimes feel that people consider them lightweight and not serious like tarot, but you get what you put into decks, and I find them enchanting.

    • Not yet. Weather is bad up here so waiting for a more spring-like day. Pier 1 was selling the chair for $145 more than they do in the States–no reason for that so I didn’t buy it. I wrote to them about that discrepancy and got some sort of return bafflegab about how they valued their Canadian customers. Not enough to price things accurately I guess.

  1. Ah well. I’ve got a metal headboard from Pier 1 I’m pleased with, and some of our bookshelves came from there, and folding captain’s chairs. I’m not confident of the quality of their upholstered furniture. In your place, I might find the best solid-color chair I could for the price I had in mind, and take your sister’s advice about the cushions 😉

    • I think you are right, and having seen your lovely home in pictures, I think you have a decorative, artistic eye for these things.

      I have a beautiful ceramic lamp in the living room that I bought at Pier 1 and a pillow. They have small, expensive accents that are nice.

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