Build a Structure Day

Daily Draw February 9th, 2012


I love these Spring equinox cards I have been getting.


Dance and sing and play! This deals with the upcoming weeks of February and I was eyeing my abstract painting that I’m using as a backdrop to a card structure and I thought perhaps I would sit down and build the cards today. I have about two hours before the light leaves to take a good photograph so I could tackle that.

In the upcoming week or so I really need to finish a drawing too. This is a happy card of throwing off inhibitions to give in to spontaneous play.

This card is connected to both Cancer and Pisces and Pisces reminds me of a friend who told me a story yesterday about Da Vinci having trouble finishing projects because he mind kept leaping forward to the next thing to discover and explore. My friend is a Pisces and does tend to know about other people’s feelings. I feel that care and the need for some childhood play as I hobble about.

Off for a nice tea and to find my c-clamps to clamp my artwork to the table. Oh, and I will need my dragon in the picture too. He likes a bit of a play with cards.


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