A Sculpture of Truth and Liberty

Daily Draw February 6th, 2012

While reorganizing my decks I came across the Tarot de Paris which I don’t often use. I bought it after I made a commissioned tarot bag for the deck. The inspiration was Matisse plus the colours in the deck. I printed out some images from online and then used CMYK charts for the silk dyeing to match the colours.

I was thinking of selling a few decks after I tidied my room, and when I did some research on current values I found the secondary market prices ridiculously high. I dislike inflated pricing, even though I could make money, so will just keep my decks, this being one I had considered selling.

SPIRIT OF AIR (Page of Swords)

This is the Page of Swords in more conventional tarot decks. I left the scan fairly large so you can see the jigsaw puzzle pieces superimposed over the sky at the top. Because Pages are young I was thinking this could mean the way we fit things together to get a sense of life when we are young and impressionable. We are trying to see how we fit with others and our life’s work and partner.

The mirror in the Spirit’s hand, reminds me of how self-oriented the young are, and also how we mirror what other people do before we find our own voice, our own firm footing. The author calls it the mirror of truth, I call it the mirror of someone who isn’t secure enough to know their own truth.

It’s important to think things out and look at everything before choosing a direction or relating to others. There is a hint of gossip or lack of privacy with this card. I still remember the searching quality of being young, of being naive and involved with people who were not truthful. Truth is discernment. I also like the thought of discernment with regard to choosing not to sell books or decks too.

Interestingly, the artist refers to this statue as La Verité (Truth) on the Palais de Justice in Paris. It is also called Libertas the Roman goddess of liberty, but the painting that inspired it is of La Verité and was painted by Jules Joseph Lefebvre in 1870. Seemingly the titles for the statue are interchangeable. Here is the original painting.

So I have both Truth and Liberty today, and the idea of reflecting truth, bouncing truth off yourself, reflecting your own truth to the world. Something like that.

Oh and for Debra, because of the comments section in this post, I am showing an image of the new shelf so far. I thought this would organize everything but by the time I brought more decks and books up from downstairs, it still looks rather full.

“Better than nowt” as they say.


7 thoughts on “A Sculpture of Truth and Liberty

  1. You inspired me to organize my cards. I’m keeping them in a two-part chest–the bottom a good-sized chest of drawers, topped by a glass-fronted shelf unit. I made a couple of narrow shelves to fit so there are four shelves but still not enough room. I want the decks behind glass as the salt air here coats every surface with a thin layer of stickiness. I’m now trying to figure out an organizing principle and what to do with large kit boxes, the companion books I don’t care about, and other paraphernalia, all in disarray on the living room floor. Yes I blame you LOL xxxDebra

  2. Updating several hours later. I know you’ve been on pins and needles to hear. The card organizing situation is coming along very slowly. I’ve starting putting oracles and playing cards into the small drawers of the chest on the theory of keeping only tarot and minchiate on the glass-fronted shelves. The competing theory is to put the strangest and rarest and most-loved decks on the shelves and the lesser in the drawers, but this would require searching my heart to see which are the favored and why and that can’t be good for a quick solution. Meanwhile I’m shoving companion books and boxes into a large drawer, preparatory to getting really annoyed with all the packaging and books I don’t want and kicking them to the curb.

    My opinion on rising deck prices (not that you asked) is that it’s perfectly reasonable to sell something you don’t want any longer at a fair market rate so you can buy something you do want. Especially with postage going up. 😉

    • I would have been on pins and needles if I hadn’t been asleep!

      I had the same dilemma about where to put things, and eventually decided to mix them up a bit so I could memorize new places and see cards I don’t often think to use. I went through most of my boxes many years ago and cut them up to use the spines as bookmarks and get rid of the boxes.

      Yeah I thought of funding new decks by selling things off, particularly the crappy Magic Realist decks. I tried to give away the Tarot of Prague with no takers and now I find it listed for $300-$400 on Amazon’s secondary market. Goofy.

      p.s. Debra I have attached an image at the bottom of this post showing the new shelf.

  3. You’re way ahead of me. It’s all the pretty bags and boxes in front that makes it look full. Methinks you need one shelf devoted to pretty bags and boxes LOL

    Those amazon resell prices are unrealistic. I think the actual going price on ebay and at AT for a Tarot of Prague is in the $75-$100 range (depending on if it’s first or second edition). I believe I sold mine for $50, two years ago.

    • I had all my bags confined to the cupboard in a space specially devoted to them, but they have now spilled out to the shelves.

      I blame the South Sea Bubble Playing Cards Debra. They keep talking about growing your investments and blathering on about economic bubbles.

      Speaking of unrealistic prices.

      Oh my, don’t we have fun with our cards? The stories, the stories…

    • Aren’t they??!! I love my cards.

      Don’t forget, I still have another small shelf out of the picture and some in the cupboard too. I am sincerely grateful for such bounty. I think that’s why I feel it important to use them regularly and haul them out on this card blog.

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