“Tiddy Tidy” Says the Prophet of the Eternal

Daily Draw February 5th, 2012

My husband saw a small media shelf on sale and drove to a town to buy it for me yesterday. I fought my way into the den where I keep my card decks to try and clean up a bit and make room for this shelf which is going to allow me to reorganize my decks and books. I have had many of them sitting on the floor or stacked on a table so really want to fix that up, especially since I have so many playing cards now.

Normally I know exactly where every deck is and can put my hand on them immediately but lately I’ve been in an awful mess. I ran out of room for shelving the books that come with decks and I can’t find things, plus I worry about them getting stepped on or damaged on the floor.

This is the other side of the room. On that table are several playing cards and some decks in boxes. There is fabric and books all over the floor to the left which you can’t see, as well as another dollhouse and a triple bookcase. I don’t know how I’m going to organize all that. I’m starting with the books and decks and then taking it from there.

Here is the new shelf to the right, and I have six shelves to set in and fill. I’ve got decks doubled up and stacked and leaning against things on the white bookcase. Hopefully I can again showcase some of my nice boxes when I move things around.

I also downloaded and installed the NexusFont program and was able to delete 167 fonts off my system which should prevent Photoshop from having any more glitches and still allow me room to install my own fonts. Windows 7 would not delete them so I had to download a secondary font program. I had the program back them up so they aren’t lost entirely should I need one again.

I made a sign to put up with the saying from my draw yesterday. Unfortunately I messed up the application of the Contac paper and got a crease. I knew I should have bought a laminator when I had the money. I didn’t have enough Contac paper to redo it so it will have to stay as it is. A good one for the back of the door where I will see it regularly. Repeat that thought about health and tidiness and who knows where it will go?

I like the University Roman font. And without 167 extraneous fonts installed, I can actually find it in the drop-down list in Photoshop.

That brings me to today’s card from the Sun and Moon Tarot. I discovered that I had entered it in the database but I hadn’t scanned the deck cover or a sampling of cards so I had to do that today. Now the card database is all organized and up-to-date.


Meditation in the hermitage today. I’ll be in my room shelving and fiddling. The trident of Shiva represents past, present and future in this card and it reminds me of my tarot 10th anniversary again. Here I am with a nice collection that I am reorganizing during my anniversary. This card is also connected to Virgo which reminds me of my husband and his effort to purchase the new shelf.

This card in the Thoth deck is called The Prophet of the Eternal but also The Magus of the Voice of Power, and the voice of power reminds me of the above-mentioned equivalent quotation that I made a sign for.


2 thoughts on ““Tiddy Tidy” Says the Prophet of the Eternal

  1. This is great. I love seeing all of your decks when they are organised and displayed. Smart shelving. I have moved mine around a ton of times, hoping that each new place works better. I put them in some draws recently, but didn’t realise that there was some bit of extra plastic within the drawing, that when I opened two of them, it ripped the boxes of some of my decks to pieces. I was quite upset about that.

    I like the pictures (and the words of the sign) and am wondering who the small baby is that seems to be crawling out of shot?


    • Ha, trust you to notice. That is a vinyl doll from my childhood named Pammy. The only toy from childhood besides my teddy that I still have.

      I think she is wearing an old scarf from the 70s while rooting around to find the 3 of Hearts from the South Sea Bubble Playing Cards.

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