The Opposite Catalyst

Daily Draw February 4th, 2012

I was in a bit of a panic this morning as my right knee is swollen and sore and I have a touch of edema in my feet. My husband was talking about going to buy my chair with the money my sister sent me, but our driveway is pure ice and I can hardly walk, so I’m wondering how he thinks we are going to lug a chair into and out of the car?

Then he started talking about French fries with chili and cheese on them (and he globs enough for three servings on one plate), and the old panic button started. Why do people get into these destructive patterns?

So I pulled three cards from the Health and the Law of Attraction Cards:

55 – I Can Visualize My Body as I Want It to Be
8 – The Law of Attraction Responds to Thoughts, Not Realities
15 – Searching for Physical Problems Can Attract Physical Problems

Yes, so instead of thinking about having to possibly get a hip replacement or having an operation on my knee or a stroke, I should think pictures in my mind of walking freely and eating properly, my blood and arteries flowing freely too.

They say on one card that I must find a way of taking my attention away from the unwanted things. Vulnerability and that type of feeling and worry is a strong catalyst in the perpetuation of illness.

Repeated thought eventually creates its equivalent.

I need a sign for that, a very big sign.

Oh, and while I’m at it, a chair for my bedroom covered in a Jacobean print, preferably with red, at an affordable price would be good too.




2 thoughts on “The Opposite Catalyst

  1. Hi Dahling,

    Wow. I’m so sorry about the knee pain and edema. UGH!!

    The chair fabric is lovely. I have a chair not unlike that. I got it as a b-day present from my mom and grandma. I have to admit I’m about obsessed with paisley. It’s embarrassing. Haha!

    Anyway. I love this deck!!! It’s marvelous. The messages you got were wonderful, too. I do hope they prove helpful and you can feel better ASAP.

    Lotsa Hugs,

    • The spouse has been home today to take the dogs out, so I haven’t had to skate over the ice to get the doggies to the back yard. I managed to do some cleaning and the knee is not as inflamed, thank goodness. I think these cards really helped my frame of mind and set me up for a good day where I focused on well-being.

      Isn’t the art on this deck terrific? I saw a few cards online and knew I’d love the deck. It was only about $10 or so too. I think it works better with more than one card.

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