Metaphor of La Città Bianca

Daily Draw February 2nd, 2012



I love this card and I love the illustration behind the main object. Look at that poor boat floundering in high seas under the moon. There is something about getting into trouble at night that makes it more frightening.

Beside the card today I have a scan of what I put on the back of the box; this is why I called this deck The Illustrative Lenormand Oracle. Explanatory, interpretive, delineative. To help you understand, just so.

I floundered yesterday, although I did get in many hours of reading on the biography of Allen Ginsberg. I watched some television later in the evening.

Whenever I see interesting architecture or romantic looking towers on TV I write it down. This week I had the castle of Saladin at Aleppo and the town of Ostuni, Italy (up the Sforzas!) Both looked interesting for sketching. Originally I had planned to study the tarot archetype of the Tower in my Towers journal, but I am changing it into a sketchbook about towers and architecture around the world. So I write places down to try and find a visual reference that fits the tower theme. I tend to like ruins with plants around them or over them.

The anchor, the stability and safety, the harbour of architecture occurs today. Even blasted ruins have a safety to them.

And yes, that is a metaphor.


4 thoughts on “Metaphor of La Città Bianca

  1. Hi

    I came across your blog just like that and I loved the deck you are using. Does it has illustrations for each card at its back?

    Thank you

    • Because I made and printed it myself and it is not laminated, the backs are plain, white cardstock.

      I am glad you like it. I have loved antique engravings and clip art for years so thought I’d combine the two in this deck. Several of the images were redone by me or recoloured and recomposed by me in some way, but I had fun getting the look I wanted.

      Here are some explanations if you are interested:

      • oh thats the reason they look so nice and so unique because they are done personally and uniquely. You have given me a thought about having something so personal for a deck.

        I will definitely would like to see more your deck in more readings if you would like.

        Thank you

        • I think it’s a great idea to create a Lenormand deck for yourself. The images are fairly straightforward: ring, mountain, tree etc. but the personal interpretation can go lots of ways.

          I will try to use it more this week.

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