Path of the Craftsman

Daily Draw February 1st, 2012

Hang in everybody, Spring is coming and it is February.

22 – PATH

I’ve been dithering about my necklace because one of the beads was a substitute I bought and it is not hanging right. They were out of stock of the correct one and the one I substituted was a one-way bead and when it flips, as beads do when wearing a necklace, the letter on it is upside down, which makes the word I am spelling out in the necklace unreadable. The other beads are manufactured so that when they flip, the letter is still going the right way.

When I drew these cards this morning I was asking what I should do about this. I smiled when I got these.

The Mason card is in the Craftsman suit, so I think of training and experience, and building things properly. The Path can be about compromise or it could mean an alternate way. I cannot compromise on this because it looks goofy if the letter goes the wrong way. The shoes are symmetrically placed in this, lining up side by side, and on stage somewhat due to the border in the Clothes suit.

I’ve got to change my necklace, which means I’ve got to hunt down a bead, not an easy thing to do from my location. Darn, I have the ends strung onto the clasp for this necklace for the Diary of a Broken Soul review and thought I’d be posting it next week. I can’t leave it going the wrong way and these cards confirm it. I just placed an order so will have to wait to finish for three weeks because the order is coming from the States.

I like using these two decks together! I often speak about The Compass of Fate deck and I wonder why I don’t see it being used more often. The deck is free and although you have to print and trim it yourself it only takes a couple of days, so its lack of popularity puzzles me.

If anyone is interested in a top-notch deck with good illustrations and over 140 cards, you are too late as Bob has unfortunately taken his site down where he once offered a free download. It is a Mah Jongg deck but I just use it like an oracle. Bob has a couple of spreads you can use, although I tend to wing it and use it with other decks or in 3-card draws.


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