The Forest Grotto To the Stars

Daily Draw January 30th, 2012

16 – STARS

Oooooh, I like the look of a grotto, cool and welcoming, a place for respite and peace. The Stars is a card of success and intuition. I put the telescope behind the main star grouping to signify expanding vision and clarity when I designed this card.

The dichotomy of hiding in a grotto, yet expanding my vision appeals to me. I am stringing a necklace today and need that inner vision and intuition of good design. The necklace is for my Diary of a Broken Soul review, so I’m inching closer to finishing.


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Eccentric erminois dweller.
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2 Responses to The Forest Grotto To the Stars

  1. I could really go and take a walk and sit in that grotto right now. Can you imagine us doing that, with our sketch books and pens? And some card decks of course!

    Really looking forward to your review of the Diary of a Broken Soul. I just know it is going to be inspiring.

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