Il Papa Has a Secret Hankering for Delftware

Daily Draw January 27th, 2012

I missed yesterday due to feeling punk, but have taken out the Secret Tarot, an old favourite of mine and the 12th deck I bought years ago. I bought a small jewellery box for it on eBay that has a slight Deco look I like.




Yes, he is confirming his like for Delftware. Of course we always knew he collected it, but he keeps it hidden under his robe, looking for a suitable table to display it on.

One of my sisters sent me some money yesterday to buy a reading chair, side table, and lamp for my room. I have always had a dream of having a little armchair covered in Jacobean fabric in a corner of my room so that when I wake up I can sit in my chair and read the poems of Thomas Merton while snuggling under a quilt.

Where was I? Oh yes, I can no longer read in bed due to pain and back problems and have wanted this chair since I saw one in a magazine in my late teens or early twenties: a long, long time ago.


This is the closest I could get, it’s on sale this week but a bit out of budget. Jacobean fabric though! The one I saw in a magazine was covered in a red Jacobean fabric and was magic. My sister suggested I could sew a pillow in a red Jacobean fabric to fulfill the dream. Yummy.

I had been planning to get a new bed and dresser, but it’s way too expensive. So my sister suggested I paint it. The irony here is that years ago we bought antiques and stripped them of paint and now we are doing the opposite. So I’m thinking of an off-white and making a blue and white quilt for the room. I actually have a blue sampler quilt I could re-jig slightly to adapt it.

Then the chair—if only I could get a blue fabric in a Jacobean print, like this pillow. Yummy.


Il papa has many decisions to make. Today he is about family and advice and support. He also goes rather nicely with this pillow. See, he has his eye on it. Watch it Papa!


6 thoughts on “Il Papa Has a Secret Hankering for Delftware

  1. Ah, I love a bit of show and tell. That is a great box. I have been looking at the Secret Tarot for years, but have still not surrendered to it. I thought that maybe it was to blank and lacking in details, but I think I like it. Nice pallette.

    And I love that chair. Are you going to order it?


  2. It’s a bit pricey with tax added. The sale ends Sunday and our weather is bad so it’s not likely I will get it.

    But the dream never dies!!! Somewhere out there is a chair for me to create a special grotto in my room with a proper floor lamp and all.

  3. I love those flower prints. I never knew it was called Jacobean!

    I can read in bed for all of five minutes before falling asleep. We have a comfortable chair from Ikea but what I really want is a decent footstool. How about a comfortable chair with a pillow and footstool in Jacobean fabric?

    Sometimes they sell floor models cheap 😉 good luck!


    • It will take some time and I don’t drive so have to pick a time when the spouse is willing to drive. He commutes all week so sometimes doesn’t want to thrash around driving an hour to a shop on weekends. Rural living!

      I noticed someone else online mentioning they bought a floor model. The spouse’s “man chair” was a floor model and a good deal so you never know.

  4. I can’t read in bed because Reggie will sit on my head and bring the rest of the gang (“You’re in bed! Woohoo! Time for petting!”). Our “dresser” is a stack of large rubbermaid containers (“Blue Things”) for sprayproof clothing storage…and provides places for cats to sleep in the window. At least the floor is nice – a checkerboard of Italian tiles in antique red, blue, and yellow.
    Our house seems to want less furniture and clutter in the desert, although it might look a bit stark somewhere else.

    • I get a similar thing: “You’re at the computer! Woohoo! Time for petting” syndrome. I have Stitch in my lap right now.

      I wondered if you had the odd spraying incident–good floor for it, and sounds very beautiful. We are vowing to de-clutter more of this house in the summer.

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