Go Through the Gate To Red Flowers

Daily Draw January 28th, 2012

I notice that the mass market edition of the Mary-El Tarot is being released in February and pre-orders are being taken on Amazon. That’s nice that Marie’s deck will finally be published in complete form. I hate to see people struggling when so much effort goes into the creation of art. She has some good ideas in that deck, I really like the Swords suit, and I painted a small interpretation of the Page of Cups on fabric for someone some years ago. I think that’s a very fine picture. Marie gave me permission after the fact, I forgot to ask her first but she was extremely kind about it. Nice person, hoping for a fresh start this year; I wish her luck.

I am not sure I’ll be buying it though. It depends on if I feel it will inspire me. Perhaps it is simply taking stock during my 10th tarot year and finding I have enough? I want to create a better space here after letting my house go for years. I want to make things for the pleasure of it and be surrounded by light and colour.

Who knows, I find the world changing drastically and me changing too, ready to cycle away to somewhere else. To go with this I took the liberty of using the online version of the 8 of Swords from the Mary-El, which just spoke to me as I was browsing the cards.


I consider this one of my personal cards since I lock myself up quite a bit. I see a better place, I have only to step through the gate and follow the path.

Well, you see, this card enchants me and I second guess myself on buying the deck. It is affordable in the States at $25, but $40 in Canada so out of my reach at that price, but I will think about it and wait for a bit. Maybe for late Spring in honour of Marie White and her vision and perseverance in life.


2 thoughts on “Go Through the Gate To Red Flowers

  1. I too am happy to see Marie’s deck being published. I like a lot of the cards very much, especially the earlier ones. Her unusual Eight of Swords is beautifully done, and I think it has a wider range of meaning (and more positive meaning) than is usually associated with this card. But I quit buying decks several years ago, and the two that I have left (other than my own) don’t get much use anymore. I’ll wait on this one and see what the actual printed cards look like.

  2. I am starting to understand the not buying decks feeling. I don’t think I could whittle my collection down much though.

    I prefer decks where the usual meaning of a card is enhanced or augmented or has a fresh idea. That’s why I like many of the Lo Scarabeo decks or art decks. I learn more by looking at a card differently.

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