Among the Allure of Orchids in Delft Pots

Daily Draw January 25th, 2012


The Determined tag was one I made with a draw with the Cosmic Deck of Initiation. It is supposed to be glued into the circle book I made for that deck except I haven’t finished gluing the book. So today I am determined to glue that book so I can finally use it.

I am still stiff and sore, so yesterday I sat and read and glued a nice catalogue photo of a blue and white quilt and some Delft china over some old words in my Cinderella journal, the one with leaves from my garden, a picture of Cinderella, and inside the cover some words of Dante and a picture from William Blake of the opening of Inferno. The words in the journal I covered up referred to a deck which I have since traded.

Is that my obsession today I wonder: bringing my journals back to me? A “clearing the deck” literally?

Orchids are lovely and some have bizarre shapes and colour meant to lure insects in to pollinate them. Under the beauty is real danger for some. Insects have no choice, but we do. In Latin, the word obsess means to occupy or to sit before, as if you refused to budge from in front of someone’s door. That doesn’t seem too interesting.

I would like a blue and white Delft kitchen and bedroom, and want some day to make a blue and white Delft-coloured quilt. Now that’s an obsession that seems interesting. And on my dresser I could have an antique white cutwork scarf with an orchid in a nice Delft pot.


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