The Ladybug Lily Day

Daily Draw January 24th, 2012

30 – LILY

I am pairing the Nature’s Wisdom Oracle with The Illustrative Lenormand Oracle today.

Wow, that ladybug really pops. This is another instance where I don’t remember a particular card from the deck. I keep wanting to say “Where was THIS one hiding?”

Ladybugs hibernate in the winter and return in the spring, and similarly, my fortune is lying dormant waiting to spring out when I least expect it. The Lily is about honesty and harmony, purity and peace.

For some reason, I again get feelings about a job coming up. I haven’t applied for one, so perhaps it is about a resurgence in my own creative work and the peace and fortune in that?

In any case these two pair up beautifully and give me some positive feelings for the day.


2 thoughts on “The Ladybug Lily Day

    • That’s a good idea of sitting on my fortune and not realizing it. Stability–neat concept with the leaf. I didn’t think of that either. I love it when people see things I don’t in cards–very helpful, thanks.

      The reds and greens really make it pop, I agree.

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