In the High Tower She Works and Sweeps

Daily Draw January 23rd, 2012

19 – TOWER

Unlike the disaster of the tarot Tower, the Lenormand Tower means the solid security of stones. In this card I put an engraving of a larger tower behind the gatehouse to make it doubly secure. It also has a hint of withdrawal and feeling separate for me today.

Every time I see the mother dog trying to get her puppy back from the warrior my heart breaks. Even Romans did terrible things to dogs. For today I feel this means to be kind to my pets and husband—no bickering or irritation allowed. Sweep over the whip, sweep the tongue lashings away with gentle words of kindness. The doggies are getting old, so every day counts. Same with the husband!

The Anchor is one of my favourites, and ties in with the Tower today in thinking of the home port and security, the safe haven. I have some beading to do but my arm is sore from doing it for the past couple of days so I might not work at that, but I could work at a small drawing and get an hour of work in, before berthing the ship and reading.


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