No La-La Here!

Daily Draw January 21st, 2012

When I woke up today I glanced at my bookshelf, the one I call Poetry Corner, and said “Thank you for my books.” I love that shelf, which is why it is right beside my bed. I also noticed the small framed picture of Kuan Yin from the Universe card in the Chinese Tarot, that has sat on this bookshelf since there was only one shelf of poetry. A long time.

I finished a poem I was writing for a review and beaded around a cabochon yesterday, getting ready to string a necklace for this same review. Things are moving along, gelling in my mind.


This is me dreaming about doing things instead of actually getting down to work. I used to get confused between the 7 and 9 of Cups until I did this study. Now I get it.

I tend to drift off before completing things. While beading yesterday I remembered how much I like bead embroidery and how I gave it up for a time when I got discouraged after closing my business. I have three large necklaces started and want to finish them. Plus I bought ceramic cabochons and a carved bone lizard for another one.

I am getting the drifting feeling with this necklace but I must stay the course. I don’t need more food treats or to buy more beads or pendants or books, or browse the Internet and dream about new projects. I need to sit down and feel the pleasure of work and completion. It doesn’t matter if people are not buying, the designing and effort is so pleasurable in itself.

I could lie around for hours daydreaming; this card is always a warning to me of my tendency to want and dream and drift off into la-la places.

2 thoughts on “No La-La Here!

  1. It does feel so good to complete things. I sometimes wonder why I don’t do it more often 😉

    But there are times when one thing done, incomplete, drives us onto something else. And when you get that drive of energy, you sometimes have to just go wth it. In those clouds of the 7 of Cups, I see all of the incomplete projects in my life. Which do I choose? Maybe I should just get on with one and finish it.

    This post and your other study has helped me to understand this card too and I think my unfinished projects will always come to mind when I draw one in this tradition.


    • Yeah, I always say it’s better to start something and get the momentum going because you can always pick it up and work on it here and there, but if you never start it you lose the idea.

      That’s what I’ve been doing these past two weeks, Just picking one and getting on with it. That way it doesn’t seem insurmountable.

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