Yellow Centre, Purple Folds

Daily Draw January 18th, 2012

Had a bit of a computer scare yesterday with a program sucking resources and thought it might be a corrupted font to I cleaned out the font folder. Unfortunately I got rid of Georgia which is used a lot on the web and when sites were looking strange I looked at their source code and realized that the Georgia font was needed, and was able to reinstall it.

Meh—who knew?



I am having a lot of anxiety lately, but the last time this happened, last February, it was winter and I hadn’t been out a lot. I shall have to remember that things get a bit skewy in the winter. I must take my vitamins and particularly vitamin D as I am not going out.

The Pansy is the Mom card for me as I explained in a previous post. So I found it cheering to get this card today. I like the bright yellow centre of the flower in this card, as if to say “Stay centered.” The pansy also signifies love and to realize that I am loved.


4 thoughts on “Yellow Centre, Purple Folds

  1. These cards are so beautiful. There is something really nice about how this card continues to pop up representing your mum when things are going skewy. She’s there. I know what you mean about being conscious of it being Winter. It is rainy and grey here today and I have my curtains wide open, letting in as much light as possible. It is the same as when I have a night out and have drank alcohol. If I feel a bit off emotionally the next day, I always remember that alcohol is a depressent and that it will soon fade.

    I have found that a few old nostalgic Bucks Fizz songs have helped for today – “Run for the sun, little one, you’re an oulaw once again, Time to change, Superman will be with us while he can”

  2. I have never heard that song–just had a rumble at YouTube–I don’t think Bucks Fizz was popular over here.

    I like this deck too and funny how this card comes up for me.

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