Cornflower Juxtapositions

Daily Draw January 17th, 2012

I must rename this Juxtaposition Month.

Aaaaagh, I can’t get the top off my jar of gel medium!!!! So forging on, I re-jigged the wish list at iTunes for the 50th time. I am a very careful shopper as it’s not often I get $25 to spend. I will take action soon, but I’m deciding between the last three. Smalltown Boy is battling it out with Tell Me a Bedtime Story. Jimmy says “Pick me, pick me!”

“Disparate musical taste” describes that one nicely I think.



It’s my card! Wheee, today she is razoring through lists, swishing her tail and taking her time, letting the bean-counting mass of goo in her head work it out subconsciously while she enjoys watching bright things flying around her.

We are communicating today, we can talk to all species, even the ones we eat. Our sword is tempered by butterflies and we are on our comfy blankie under the bluest of blue skies, smelling the grass and cornflowers.

As we look off in the distance, we see something good coming. We are the Queen of Destiny.



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