The Non-Polarized Kitten in the Cup

Daily Draw January 16th, 2012

My cat woke me up at 3:30 and I’m still awake at 4:30. What better thing to do than draw a card? Oh wait, perhaps we could do some fancy double photo corners to enable us to set a piece of Canson Mi-Teintes paper into the old sketchbook over the gessoed bit?

I like this clean, elegant look next to those shapes next door.


Now what to do on that pristine surface? I’ve been in a ruined architecture kind of mood so I might look for a reference photo—I’ll just browse in general and see if something strikes me, then I can do a big, scrawly mess of it on this pastel paper.



Gee, I don’t think I have ever drawn so many cups in a week.

When I bought this deck, I wrote a fellow cat and tarot lover to tell him in case he might be interested. He wasn’t, and made some disparaging remark about what was next the Pagan Christian Cats Something Something Tarot. I was a wee bit hurt to have my enthusiasm shot down but I never was politically correct with his crowd so I just forged on. This is not my favourite deck but it does have remarkably nice illustrations of cats.

So, another cups card and the 6 of Cups again. It’s a nostalgia kind of day. I like that the young kitten is exploring. Mom is looking back on her own youth and vitality and recapturing that via the youngster. I don’t have children so shall consider this a nod to happy exploration in a homey setting. Oooh, Mom has the polarity of her colour points but the kitten is a tabby where black and white are all mixed up—no polarity. This is an attribute of youth that I might be nostalgic for.





2 thoughts on “The Non-Polarized Kitten in the Cup

  1. I like this card a lot. I often think of children and youth when this card comes up. Looking at that kitten shoving his whole head into that cup, I think of approaching artist projects with wreckless abandon. This is not always something I do particularly well. I get perfectionist and precious. I rip pages out of the book before finishing and start again. But like that cat, maybe it is an indication to jump right in as a child would, thinking ‘who cares if I get juice all round my face .. it tastes good!’.

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