Cosmic Sketchbooks of the Chalice Time

Daily Draw January 15th, 2012

We are halfway through the month, isn’t that incredible?

I have been a bit distracted lately organizing things in my mind and taking stock of the materials I have and projects I want to do, in addition to projects I have finished. Last night I thought I’d round up all my sketchbooks and take inventory.

Six of them I made myself and the others are store-bought with covers that I decorated with my sketches and paintings and collage. Another one is a handmade circle book that I made to go with the Cosmic Deck of Initiation but I still have to glue three more sections together, which means weighting and drying.

A few pages are done in all the books but I really would like to be more consistent with these. My hand hurts on and off so coloured pencil hurts to use, but I can still use pen, pencil and watercolour or acrylic. I also like to practice calligraphy in a couple of these, but got put off when I spilled my bottle of gold ink a few years ago.


Lots of pages to fill and exploration to do here.

And to go with this today, a draw from the Tarot of Pagan Cats.



More cups, and the biggest blast of cups of them all. This reminds me of my “Pocket Full of Green” sketchbook that you can see in the centre, which is filled with heavy Clairefontaine watercolour paper. I put a sketch of my cat Greenie on there after he died of kidney failure four years ago. I feel he’s giving me the go-ahead now.

Happy homes and old cat friends dropping by to encourage me.


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