Dancing on Flowers, Joy, Elevating the Heart

Daily Draw January 13th, 2012

Continuing the celebration of my tenth anniversary in tarot land, I am today using my very first deck, the Zerner Farber Tarot, which I bought used from a tarot store. I remember gently wiping the cards to clean them and then drying them with a paper towel and letting them sit out by my radio, listening to jazz and classical music. I even slept with them under my pillow the first night because that’s what people said to do. The whole thing was mysterious and reverent.

This was the deck I chose because the fabric collages were non-spooky as I like to quilt and sew and embroider. I still remember the magic of it all before I knew the archetypes, before anything was familiar. The Queen of Swords card kept dropping out of this deck and that’s how I found my central archetype. I thought “What IS this card?” and when I looked it up I realized it was me.



This is such an apt card for celebration and anniversaries. This is going to be a good year, I already feel that. I am releasing old wounds and regaining my health, and a there is a general celebration of life and joy and inner peace.

I shall keep that in mind, and one day I’ll be able to dance again too, like these women. I like to dance; out to the Universe it goes.


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