My Tenth Anniversary of Tarot and Tarot Bags

Daily Draw January 12th, 2012

I often talk to other creative people about cycles and waves in artwork. There is nothing like the euphoria of finishing a piece of needlework, sewing, handmade book, drawing, or jewellery. Conversely, there is nothing quite like the dead feeling of a dry spell, it sucks the life from you for a time.

I put on earrings yesterday that were the first pieces of jewellery I made, and they hold up design-wise and are lovely to wear. I have three holes for earrings, and I like the asymmetry because I can take a pair of earrings and make it a trio with anything I want for that day. It’s that random mix of disparate things that I like, just like with cards and books.

In a dry spell, I tend to focus on unfinished work or the pictures locked in my mind that have never made it to concrete form. Then a few months ago when I reconnected to an online friend, I realized while sending her updates that I HAD completed many things.

This month is my ten-year anniversary of discovering tarot, and I started to sell tarot bags ten years ago, although I no longer sell them. I was thinking fondly of all the lush bags I have made over the years. I sold about 70 and made others that I either own myself or have gifted; I won’t sift through the minutiae of data to find out exactly. I’m an embellishment person so they all had things like miniature patchwork, appliqué, silk ribbon, embroidery with silk and cotton thread, hand dyed fabric and thread, hand painting, charms, gravestone rubbings, printed photographs, beads and extras on the drawstrings. Some had small coordinating bits of appliqué and embroidery on the reverse of the bag too for a surprise. The little stories, the flash of colour, the richness of texture and textile, I get such a kick from that.

I thought it would be fun to do several montages of tarot bags I have designed and made throughout the years, although this is not my total output. The hours I devoted to these bags adds up as each one took at least seven hours to create and one hand-painted one took me 20 hours. I’m not labelling these or explaining them, it’s all about the rush of colour, the pleasure of the eye. Let’s have some visual candy in celebration of accomplishment and creativity and the discovery of the cards that opened the world to me.

It’s a staggering amount of work to look back, and I am now like a steam engine, getting up a head of steam for the fresh start and the new journey.

Are you ready for a blast of colour?







Cards are such fun aren’t they?




8 thoughts on “My Tenth Anniversary of Tarot and Tarot Bags

  1. I can’t believe how many I have made either. I am so glad you like your bag, that was one of my favourites!

    At some point I’m sure some new designs will hit me and I’ll make myself some more. You know how it is with sewing.

  2. I’m stunned to see you did so many! I like the decorations on all of them and am interested in the wallet design, too.

    Hi LB 😉 ’tis debra

  3. LB/PLN: hail, hail the gang’s all here!

    The wallet design–I think you are referring to the black clutch-like bag with the red trim and the appliqued sunburst in the third picture? That was the bag I made for the majors-only Portal Tarot. It matches the beautiful colours on the cards which are so appealing. I am still planning to make myself one before I run out of the fabrics.

    I used ribbon ties on the side for that one.

    Those green and orange fabrics went on to become part of the Bloomsday Quilt, which I am still working on. Such is life with a fabric stash.

  4. Yes, that’s the one, the clutch. I’ve taken to using zipped cosmetic bags for decks in my purse–I bought a couple from a wonderful woman who made them to sell at the weekly farmers’ market when I was living in California. Not decorated, but lovely fabrics. I *could* do this myself as actually I’m pretty good with sewing, but I lack … motivation. Perhaps 2012 is the year I’ll get back to making things 🙂

  5. Yeah but MM, you do painting which is what I want to do!!

    I can do a little bit of everything I guess. I like sewing but I don’t like sewing clothes much–I never get the fitting right, so quilting, and embroidery appeal to me.

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