Ace It To Me

Daily Draw January 11th, 2012



Here is the new deck trying out its colours.

It’s been a while since I’ve done cartomancy with any regularity and the meaning of these three is drifting around at the periphery of remembrance. I think the Ace is a neutral card and the 7 of Clubs might be bad. The 6 of Hearts is good but I can’t remember why.

The book is needed….yes, the 6 of Hearts is a good card for promise in the future; good things are coming with personal and professional relationships. I’ve been wondering lately if I might get a job this year, so you never know. I feel that although I can’t think how the opportunity might come. I have an affirmation about it so it might just roll into my life.

Aha, now the Ace is neutral and because the apex is pointing up it means the end of circumstances and a conclusion. It also means actual death, but like Death in Tarot it can open up to mere transition. In this case I feel this is correct; I am leaving yesterday behind. Again, this might be related to work, some sort of transition into the working world. Change is something I am working on in many aspects of my life.

And the 7 of Clubs – it isn’t bad but I have had it before and it means sexual gratification. This one always stumps me, but perhaps the future changes will simply improve sexual gratification for me? That makes sense since many of the changes I see for my future are involved with healing the body.

In any case, I think I am getting a heads-up about changes and endings coming. The 6 of Hearts is a whopper for that and particularly here beside the Ace.




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