Allie Grabs a Needle Full of Silk and Puts Dutch Tiles On the Wall

Daily Draw January 10th, 2012

I was just putting the new playing cards into my visual database. For people who have missed my previous posts on my database, I use the Book Collector software from for cataloguing my card collection.

It has the facility for scanning in an image of the back of a book, so I simply scan in a sample of the cards and card backs and put them in there. It gives you a good preview of the cover too as well as the usual database information like publisher, illustrator, ISBN, format, size, plot and notes and any relevant URLs. The Pro edition also allows you to export your database to Excel or other spreadsheets. You can also export lists to HTML for posting to web sites, or act like a lending library and keep records of that.

So here are the Crazy Quilt Playing Cards. I suspected since I couldn’t scrounge up images online, that the numbered cards were pips, and they are. Still, they are attractive with clear indices and suit symbols. The Jokers feature the author Allie Aller’s photograph, and the photos on the court cards and aces are from her book Allie Aller’s Crazy Quilting: Modern Piecing & Embellishing Techniques for Joyful Stitching that C&T Publishing produced in February 2011.


And this is the way it looks on the screen of my database.


I have four books on crazy quilting and have done it for years, and her book duplicates information I have so I didn’t buy it; reviews suggest it is good for beginners though.

In the Personal Prophesy method that I use for playing cards, meaning is dependent on which way the courts face, so I usually just make up my own interpretation when using decks like this. In that respect it reminds me of the Dutch Tile Playing Cards I made myself using images of antique tiles from a book of clip art by The Pepin Press. My pips were not mirrored in this one but I wanted to see what that was like. The suit symbols are colour coordinated to the tiles on the face cards.


Happy patterns in the ether!






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