Freddy Sings the Lovely Day Into Being

Daily Draw January 9th, 2012

I’m up early bopping in my chair to a Freddy Cole cover of the old Bill Withers tune Lovely Day. Man, Freddy can swing in a cool, light way.

I’m actually getting some interesting juxtapositions at iTunes between original hits and jazz cover tunes, like Wayne Shorter’s classic Footprints with Karrin Allyson’s haunting vocal cover called Follow the Footprints. Then I have my perennial favourite, Radiohead’s Everything In Its Right Place with the Robert Glasper cover of that mixed in with Herbie Hancock’s Maiden Voyage.

I’m up to 42 songs but can’t afford them all with my gift card, so I have to get my calculator out later and try and juggle it. I also have to check my CD collection to see if I already have Ahead By A Century by the Tragically Hip.

No dress rehearsal, this is our life.

5 OF PENTACLES (The Partner)

Apparently a cherub is going to pierce my heart with a huge, gold rod. This card is very reminiscent of Bernini’s famous statue of The Ecstasy of St. Teresa.

Perhaps it indicates The Ecstasy of the iTunes Gift Card? I do feel that music can swell your heart with feelings of joy and abundance, if not omnipotence.

Improvement, evolution of a financial situation, and of course a partner or spouse.

It’s going to be a lovely daaaaay….




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