Reciprocity in the A.M.

Daily Draw January 8th, 2012

It’s official, with the addition of the new playing card deck I have 360 decks of cards.

Years ago when I first started using tarot cards I remember saying on a mailing list that I couldn’t understand how people could buy so many decks. At the time I had five decks: never tell the Universe you don’t understand something. I have done a 360° turnabout, literally, so that I now DO understand.



This is the sort of card I like for a Sunday. Beautiful harmony and connection, “reciprocated love and being cherished.” The thought occurs that if I truthfully tell the Universe I don’t understand love, things will change and I will be sent understanding.

Sunday morning. A cherished time. Actually, I am all by myself with a cheery light on and light dawning outside, sipping a cool water and loving my cards.

A small moment of love.




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