Shells On Parade

Daily Draw January 6th, 2012

I wrote quite a few notes for this but it seemed too personal to put on the blog so I’ll give you the short form.

Shelley has an interesting way to do draws where you look at the foldout colour sheets with photographs of all the shells and pick the ones you like and dislike and then pull those particular cards for that reading. I often just draw cards randomly but today I thought to take her advice and pick the ones that leaped out at me from the sheets. My cards look are a bit skewy because the images of the layout are from my camera.

After drawing, I made notes of my own impressions and words in response to these, which I usually do with cards. The other thing she says to do is to lay the cards out in whatever arrangement appeals to you, so I did that too.



13 – Scorpion Conch – maturity responsibility
100 – Elongated Tridaena clam – being misunderstood, undeserving of a reputation
54 – Green Tree Snail – willingness to change one’s comfort zone
171 – Angara Delphinula – argument, anger



134 – Sieve Cowrie – being forgetful, not retaining information, concern about appearing unintelligent
79 – Marble Cone – ruin, disappointment
65 – West Indian Worm Shell – something completely out of one’s control

Lots of things to ponder with this, particularly with additional notes from the book and my own impressions which I am keeping to myself. This gives you a good idea of the meatiness of forming your own card relationships and layout though. The polarity of like/dislike and how that changes depending on your mind is fascinating.




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