The Bloody Huns Have Overtaken Us

Daily Draw August 10th, 2011

Now here’s a nice snap of Wands-like energy—this is an image of our new eavestroughs laid out on the lawn waiting for the rain to stop so they can be installed. Speak softly and carry a long eavestrough.

We rocketed up at 7:30 getting showered and dressed on a blue sky and clouds day, ready for the contractor, and a big grey cloud moved in but now the sun is out again. Hopefully the weather will hold, it’s alarming to be at the mercy of weather patterns when you just want the work to get done so you don’t have to be tense.

Today I am using The Medieval Scapini Tarot, which despite a preponderance of gold and brown, colours that I don’t care for, is a good deck because I like Scapini’s humour and semi-illustrated pips. I also bought Ronald Decker’s book Art and Arcana to go with it, although I haven’t found the book as wonderful as others because the individual card meanings are not that comprehensive, only a smidge more information than the LWB that comes with the deck.


A much different take on things, this card shows a Hun warrior standing by while refugees from a walled town the Huns have conquered and burned, stream out to escape.

It reminds me of the terrible burning and looting in London. The world is aghast that the army wasn’t sent in for more protection, as the police were overwhelmed. I just read a news story of a store that was burned to the ground, it wasn’t even looted, that had been in business since the 19th century and was a real landmark in Croydon. The loss, the pain to the family, the hurt, and all for nothing. They are just a bunch of civil terrorists pretending they were protesting. Is this treason? I wonder.

In this deck Scapini has used the meaning of a journey or departure, flight etc. This too reminds me of all the people displaced in London, fleeing and wondering if they will ever see their homes and possessions again. It’s not the kitchen table or the fridge, it’s the books and photographs, the reminders of family and home and relatives now dead that are the loss. Communities destroyed, connections gone, services gone, history gone, everything gone.

Fire can be the most wonderful energy in the world, or the most destructive. Yes, people are on the move, and the Knight, who could have changed the world for good, is beating the big drum of war, ready to gouge and maim with his big club, shoulders erect as if he had pride of purpose.

Not so, there is no purpose in such things.



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