The Determination of the Circular

Daily Draw July 4th, 2011


This is from The Cosmic Deck of Initiation which a friend sent me from over the pond; it just arrived this afternoon. It didn’t come with instructions but I found a blog post by the author on how the deck was set up which I am going to print. Beyond that it will simply be a response to the words and colours and artwork.

This is of course the Zodiac sign. I knew one person with this sign and he was quite manipulative. If he couldn’t get you to believe what he believed, you’d have to go through a protracted lesson, with reasoned logic, on why you should believe something. At the time I let people do such things to me, and today although I am open to what others believe, no one is allowed to browbeat me with subjective logic or dogma. Logic is a little tweeting bird, that flies every which way. Get stuffed birdy-bird.

The other person I knew who was a Scorpio was very determined and no-nonsense. A good business person but underneath she had a very mystical leaning. She loaned me a book on Findhorn which I found interesting, especially after seeing the movie My Dinner With Andre.

So Scorpios are sharp-minded, intellectual, strong, determined—intuitive—yes to intuitive, they know how to feel others out. Sensitive, snobbish, keeping grudges for years. Yes, both these people could write you off in a heartbeat and never look back; they had a strong belief in themselves but also with a stubborn attitude.

Because of the mandala aspect I think of wholeness and good words like determined. I have been feeling so ill for a couple of weeks and today I was up and down from bed, but I will hold the word “determined” in my mind, and think of the green, growing centre of this mandala.

I found an interesting design for a circular book which I plan to make. Years ago when I became interested in Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty installation, I had planned to do a little book all about circles with burgundy paper, so I might do that first and just have fun and experiment.

Circles are determined.



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