Gliding with Gilgamesh

Daily Draw June 2nd, 2011


This is from the Fantastical Creatures Tarot and I found it amusing that on June 2 I would draw a 2 card.

Depicted on this card is Gilgamesh, enjoying yet another fruitful collection of Photoshop brushes, slaking his thirst on the creativity of others to being some light to the day.

Oh wait, that’s not the story, Gilgamesh was a Sumerian king, the son of a god, and the poetic epic of his life was written on clay tablets, which is why we know of him today. He is THE figure in Mesopotamian mythology and literature.

Although classified as a demigod, he was a historical figure and did exist and rule. He was obsessed with delaying his death and the search for immortality after he panicked when his friend Enkidu died, and in this picture he is looking into the eternal cycle of destiny as reflected in the pond. Here is a good site for reading a synopsis of the epic of Gilgamesh:

His friendship with Enkidu reminds me a lot of the friendship of Rumi and Shams, it has that reverberant quality.

This card is also about stalemate and delay and things not changing for a while. The word “tension” is mentioned which is where a lot of my chronic pain comes from, chronic tension, my muscles are locked up all the time. I had to gulp several aspirin last night to sleep, but I refuse to give in. You have to consciously end the stalemate. I bought a book this week about food and health and I’m finding several interesting things in it. I also bought another vegan cookbook.

This could go on for some time locked in the tension between two ways. But stalemate gives me a chance to rest and plan and learn new recipes. Gilgamesh was a vivid action man, so within stalemate you can still act. They are acts hidden, like the swords amid the green foliage on this card, and the snake half-hidden in the water, gliding along, waiting for the tension to break.


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