Oracle Bones in Black and White

Daily Draw April 28th, 2011

I meant to draw a card from this deck yesterday but got bogged down yet again in computer set-up. Photoshop came and is working nicely, I just have to get some relevant fonts installed for it. Then I have to get a new modem up and running. I’m getting very weary of having computer stuff roaming through my mind.

While transferring my card database to the new version of Book Collector, I was browsing the decks in this always enticing visual database and came across The Answer Deck so I’m using that today. It’s a good one, and one of those rare gems in black and white.


The key to….everything I expect. I don’t feel inspired to do anything but read today. After reading a Peter Hessler book from the library, I sent them a recommendation to buy two of his previous books because I felt with all the changes and current events in China these days, it’s good to try and understand Chinese culture. Well, I really feel you need to live there to get any sense of the culture, but I persist in trying to understand.

So the library bought trade paperbacks of the books Oracle Bones and River Town, and I have them here to read. That’s my inspiration today: Chinese culture.



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