Change, Habits, Notations, and Misalignments

Daily Draw April 2nd, 2011

April already. I haven’t been able to get down the stairs too well to get to the computer but today I strapped up my ankle and knee and made it down at last.

Protection from Stagnation

I’ll take that. My right hip and knee are popping out due to the other ankle being sprained. I guess everything’s misaligned as the load bearing joints get out of whack. All this sitting also has me feeling stagnated. I tried to draw, but it hurt my hand so much I had to take three days off and everything’s still tender. I’ve also had a bad cold and sore throat for three days. Always something.

While reading Mirrors by Eduardo Galeano, which I have now finished having raced through it in two days, I came across an interesting notation on page 64 about the Roman healer and philosopher Galen. I suppose from observance plus personal philosophy, he saw that habits become second nature and that health and illness are a way of life. So, if you are ill by nature, change your habits!

That seems very sensible to me. I’m going to type that out and put it somewhere where I can see it often. Ill health, like stagnation is a habit. The 2 of Spades card also signifies change, a noticeable change in direction, it’s very abrupt. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m going to break my hip. I’d prefer to think I will make an abrupt change in habits.

Something else about the duality of two strikes me today: habits, particularly if you are married a long time, tend to be intertwined, so while I might make the change in habits the spouse doesn’t. Does this necessarily hold you back? Suppose your habits untwine while you change? Change is change, and individual change can be done even though slightly difficult due to the close influence of the spouse.

I am always amazed at how alone people are, so if we each are so alone, why do we blame the other influence. Isn’t that just blame?

Personal responsibility for stagnation. “Round and ’round it goes in the mind…….


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