Würms and Tongues and Other Wickedness

Daily Draw March 19th, 2011

My new receiver for satellite from Bell Canada seems to have died. They’re mailing us another one. Great, let’s see if we can even get it installed. No TV for at least five days. Mailing a receiver, welcome to the rural idyll. Always something.

I did this card the day before because I got a notion to do up some sort of wreath, and wreaths go with my Poetic Edda and The Lord of the Rings Tarot study thingy. Yeah, the old study thingy, one of my Eccentric Studies. I get bored unless I can mix things up like Man Ray.

First we must gather the ingredients for the recipe…..


This is Théoden and Wormtongue again, I’ve had them before. This week I’m getting the same cards again from decks, has there been a rip in the space/time continuum?

The King of Wands is usually a fiery, creative person, someone who can get things cooking and inspire others, but Théoden was drugged and duped by Wormtongue, and since I got the Ratty card earlier this week about inertia, Big T. is the perfect example of inertia and lack of leadership. This is the guy you wanted to kick in the ass, even while feeling sorry for him coming under the influence of the unscrupulous Wormtongue. He had everything and wasn’t using his power and intellect. He let the weasel in the corn take his power.

And Wormtongue, worm, serpent, snake in the grass, weasel in the corn, is an example of ridding yourself of the influence of others, such autonomy is part of leadership, part of having vision that inspires. Eventually Théoden did go on to inspire and lead, despite grief and fresh tragedy.

From the Poetic Edda I randomly put my finger on these ingredients:

Glaumvor said, the wife of Gunnar,
she said to Vingi, since she felt it was warranted:
‘I don’t know if our feasting will be rewarded as we
would wish;
the coming of a guest is a wickedness if something happens because of it.’

Now we need our wreath, to spice the pot and round this out for a robust sauce:

Well yeah, you’re having a little dinner in the feasting hall, which is nicely decorated, and you’ve done up a welcoming wreath for the door with some pineapple motifs and hand-dyed fabric, and then this guest comes, breathing fire and causing bad things to happen.

Gandalf isn’t always around to save people from the Wormtongues of the world. Poor Gunnar was thrown in with some serpents, managed to subdue them and then an adder bit him. Snakes, serpents, wyrms or würms, they get you in the end. I think Vingi was chopped to death by men with axes and other people had their hearts cut out, one of which was roasted and eaten, gold was taken, blood was spilled and quaffed, and on and on. Not quite the feast they counted on.

What all this has to do with the King of Wands I’m not sure, but perhaps it’s about taking care in what you inspire? We could say it is unfortunate that Wormtongue got his claws in Théoden, but did the King not hold responsibility for that? Yes, he inspired the guest to the feast that made all kinds of other bad things happen.

The End

Oh man, I’ve got to go do the dishes. “But honey, I had to do up this important wreath first to go with Gandalf and Glaumvor and Gunnar….and then I had to write it up and I kept spelling Glaumvor wrong.”

Uh-huh. The satisfaction of a good study.

And I bet Gandalf never had to deal with Bell Canada.


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