Coming Down from Hydrogen Highs

Daily Draw November 19th, 2010

After yesterday I went for something quiet and a deck I rarely use but went to a lot of trouble to hunt up: the Creature Teacher Cards.

It seems that most of the decks I buy are not tarot. Tarot has degenerated into crappy collage decks by everyone and his sister. I like to see real artwork by people with something to say.

I am hoping to buy a copy of the Tarot of Pagan Cats by Lo Scarabeo when it hits the North American market next February or so. I liked the artwork on that. $15 to $20 is manageable for a deck every now and then.

I Look After Mother Earth

This image is from a myth from the Iroquois, and if we treat the Earth with respect and honour everything of Creation, we will never know hunger, sickness or despair. We’ve obviously broken the pact.

As well as ecological concerns, this is about communing with nature as well, receiving the gift, the prize of the natural world.

We get a lot of water turtles here as well as snapping turtles. The ponds for the last two years have been quite dry so there are not as many around as before. We found some turtle eggs in the vegetable garden, which were abandoned after we disturbed them. That was sad but we had to till the soil to plant and if you don’t know the turtle eggs are there before you upset them, it’s too late.

I like the beaded cushion that the Earth is sitting on, turtle is taking great care with his burden.



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