Slash and Reach Ace, Ace Baby

Daily Draw August 22nd, 2010

Oh heavens, let’s go back to the Chinese Tarot today. I’ve got this growing pile of favourites and old favourites that looks like a skyscraper swallowing my computer tower. Somehow I can’t put them back upstairs, I like the company.

Thankfully, my pain has finally diminished after resting and sitting for 10 days or so. I am reluctant to do anything for another week just in case, but it’s so nice not to feel constant nerve pain. Hallelujah!

“Hallelujah I’m a bum, Hallelujah, bum again…” I always thought that was a song from my Mother’s generation and the Great Depression (she used to sing it) but apparently, according to the Carl Sandburg bio I just read, it’s from the late 19th century, although they are not able to pin down an exact date. I learned that hobos and riding the rails and tramping about the country was actually a late 19th century phenomenon. I found that thrilling to know; the light shifted on the window of cultural perception.,_I%27m_a_Bum

So, a positive day here now, and tomorrow evening or the evening after the old spruce tree is being taken down. I love that tree, it’s going to break my heart. I must hug it before he disappears forever.


Yeah baby, it’s the REACH card!!

That’s what I call this, it’s one of my personal cards. I am the fiery mind of the Ace of Swords, constantly thinking of new things and projects. Skill, determination, strength, activity, but not excessive activity that will injure me. I’m for that today.

It’s raining, so not ideal for sanding as we can’t take the rocking chair outside. Well, I could wash the walls then and tackle those cobwebs. Yup. This guy looks like he’s an old cobweb slasher from way back.


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