Eating of the Apple of Osho

Daily Draw July 21st, 2010

Boy, that time thing again, July is almost over. My husband is planning to pick up my new sponge bar for the knitting machine today, so I hope that goes well. He’s got to travel in the city during rush hour to get it.

Freshly returned from my morning bike ride, I pick two cards from the Osho Zen Tarot:

Double 7s


The pregnant woman waiting patiently while contemplating lunar cycles reminds me of how artists often depict The Empress. I’m not too into pregnancy but I understand waiting and cycles in life. Phases of the month and being patient with the body when healing. The moon also symbolizes perpetual renewal, so I mustn’t give up hope (says she biting into a crisp apple after biking.) The flowers indicate full development of potential, so I take that as an “it’s never too late” nod.

I like Osho’s remarks on how we have forgotten how to wait. Our instant society has us all a-jitter 90% of the time. He says it is our greatest treasure to wait for the right moment. I like that. Anyone alive has experienced this feeling that you just can’t make something happen. When that occurs, we have the gift of waiting and developing our authentic selves to refresh, become newer, more juicy as Sark would say. The Rainbows suit deals with the physical as they are Pentacles, renamed. Ever since I drew this card from the Songs For the Journey Home deck, I have liked it. Waiting for the garden to grow can be a peaceful rather than frustrating ideal.

Projections are something that came up for me earlier this week, and not seeing people as they really are. The man on the card seems to think the woman is much more open and receptive to him than she actually is, and she views him as a devil or satyr. So much for reality, the awareness of emotional falsity is good.

Drop the mind dream about people, drop the intoxication, drop that world you build in your mind about people and just look at them as they are. I’ll have to remember that.

My husband gets tired after work and I always think he’s angry when he’s simply tired. So, I must remember this projection today as he’s bound to be tired and frazzled after zooming around buying me my machine part.


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