The Agony of the Fussy

I don’t mind fussing actually, but I had a heck of a time doing the Broom/Whip/Rod. I found a whip but had to recolour and resize it and generally redo it. The broom came from a servant girl holding a broom that I had to cut out and recolour. The background is of a man taking a puppy away from a dog–looks like a mastiff from Greece or Rome, and I guess the puppy was going to be trained as a war dog. Anyway, it seemed to say “brutality” to me which is part of the meaning of this card.

I changed the background of the owl to more generally signify birds. I found this great wrought iron chair while browsing for something completely different, and knew I had to have it in my Garden. The Scythe, that I thought I’d have buckets of trouble with, came together fairly nicely after some filling and painting. The Anchor is about security and there’s a ship floundering and going down at night which felt like I’d like to make port or be safely anchored.

I have found this an excellent way to remember the symbols and meanings just by creating these cards. It has been such a pleasure to connect to the Lenormand system.

Now the background of the Snake is bugging me, I’ll have to find something else. I changed the coffin background. I found a nice gravestone for it. I’ve got 7 disks to go through for this clip art and I sometimes don’t find exactly the right one until I’m browsing for something else.

Always the way.


Fiddling with scale, shading and colour. I tweaked a couple of these. Snake Pliskin needed more contrast and shading. The mice might need some shading, the cross needs a different background, something halo–ish. . . . .



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