Clip Art Comparison

Some of these cards are living proof that you can take basic clip art and make it quite a bit better.  I am using basic tools in Photoshop as I am not a painter but colour is important to me so I like to jazz some of these up.

This is an example of my Tree card which required some fiddling. I liked the original clip art on the right but it was too light and didn’t have enough shades and tones and contrast.


The fox one was hard as I didn’t really have a fantastic piece of clip art. It was good but a bit cartoony so I painted. The fox certainly looks more realistic in colouring anyway. I don’t think the trees are right but I need a break from it for a couple of days. I might try to find a black and white scientific illustration of pine branches and cones to be the background. I have several on my disks.


Yeah, I tried it and like it better. The original trees overwhelm the fox. I like the pine, so I’ll tweak that a bit.


I managed to do the Bouquet card and the Owl too today. So that’s sixteen done. I did the Bear, Boat, Horseman and House yesterday too. Only 20 to go!


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