“Fishbones Walked the Waves Off Hatteras…”

I was commenting on someone’s blog about Lenormand cards and playing cards, and after telling her about the Quick Cards software, I decided I’d like to do up my own Lenormand deck with royalty free vector files I have had for years. I just got the fantastic Crop-a-Dile Corner Chomper which does rounded corners in both 1/4 and 1/2-inch bites.

Since I drew the Fish card yesterday I fiddled with a design for that a bit. I am keen on the very nice illustrative effect. Not sure about the colour on the border, I’m still fiddling with that too, but so far it’s a blue/green gradient. I love gradients on borders. I will probably print from Photoshop so I can get the higher resolution.

Love that fish though.

So far, this is the final Fish. The cards are a nice big 73 x 108 mm. Now that’s the kind of Lenormand deck I’ve always wanted. I like big cards.



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