My Card Database

Daily Draw August 24th, 2009

Instead of a draw today, I’m going to talk about my card database. I bought book collector software and use it for the simple reason that it has the option to scan in the back of a book and post it to the entry. Instead, I scan in cards and card backs and sometimes special boxes or bags I have for a deck and post that instead of a back cover.

According to my database I have 322 decks.

135 tarot
74 oracle
63 miscellaneous
50 playing cards

This includes my collection of postcards and botanical postcards too which may include about 700 single cards. I Ching and Rune cards are nice, I have several of those. Odd things in the Miscellaneous category include Knowledge Cards, religious decks like the Gita Deck or The Saint Deck, self-help or business-related cards like the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People deck, The Language of Letting Go cards  or Susan Woldman’s Contemplation Cards, my Lewis and Clark expedition cards and the three U.S. Games Strategies For Leadership decks. Two Tao-related decks, a deck on yoga, one on Kabbalah by the Bergs, the Mystic Rubaiyat by Penelope Cline, the wonderfully scientific Elemental Hexagons. This and that.

I just managed to get a scan in of the playing card category showing the thumbnails for the fronts of boxes. Three of the decks are ones I made myself: two using playing card software, and one using collage on an old Bicycle deck.

Click to enlarge the images.


Here is one of the scans I made to use in the database instead of the back of the book. It shows the Victoria Regina Tarot deck and the handmade insert I made for the bag that was included with that. The insert uses a scottie dog button and white cotton lace, silks and tartans to give the flavour of Balmoral.


These are some further examples of card samples from my database. This is the lovely Vacchetta Tarot deck that is copyright free and can be downloaded off the Internet to print. I tinted my cards olive green and made a special bag and tuckbox for them.


This is the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg that I decoupaged and painted a box for plus made a handmade tuckbox for the deck.


The Tarots Suzanne M. is an odd deck that I trimmed of its borders, and then I painted a bag for it using bright colours from the deck. I don’t often trim borders off things, but this really needed it to let the art pop out. It’s not a tarot deck it’s more of a personal art oracle.


And that’s today’s exciting exploration into cards.


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