Tarot Towers Art Journal

I’ve got the journal sewn together and I’ve just glued the endpapers in, so I’m finally nearing completion. I can’t decide what to put on the cover–I’m leaving it blank for now as I’ve got to get going.


Gluing is not my favourite thing, and I got a few smudges on the endpapers so I decided to collage on them using printed scans of the 34 Tower cards I will be using. In order to fit them all in, eight or nine cards to each side of the endpapers, I printed them at 45% of their full size. I printed them on matte photo paper and will spray them with fixative. Here’s a little draft quality mock-up I did, while the endpapers are still being pressed.


Then I’ll ink in the titles with gold or white ink which will look nice against the black paper.

I’ve already got a few ideas for pages–probably going to start with the Dante Tarot. These 34 cards are so yummy to work with.



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Eccentric erminois dweller.
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